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"Throughout the more than 20 years of our friendship, Blair has been a tremendous support source of advice and concrete tools for both my own family and my family of students."

Maritza, Teacher

Using a systematic approach our trained educators assess your unique situation so that together you develop your special family action plan. Their guidance helps you more effectively use our extensive resources. Our website has easily accessible, supportive special education information such as parental training, developmental charts, syndrome specific informational sources, and IEP navigational tools. We don’t know all the answers but together we develop the questions you need to get support throughout your journey. This knowledge empowers you to successfully advocate for your child.

When verbal communication is limited because of structural development, such as with certain developmental syndromes, communication can be augmented using an electronic device such as an iPad. The iPad along with a customizable app allows your child’s voice to be heard as they progress from a single choice to multiple options through the touch of a button. Your child succeeds by moving through the process when they are ready. Our foundation offers an interactive coaching/training system for families and their children which gives “voice” to the voiceless. The BLARE system coaching program ensures you have the skills to maximize your child’s potential in being an autonomous communication partner. We look forward to scheduling your free meeting soon.

Our Story


Throughout my more than 25 years as a public school speech/language pathologist, I witnessed families struggle to make sense of the process to ensure their children become independent, effective communicators. The process of identifying what services will support your child is a complex journey which starts with active listening and continues ideally, in a lifelong relationship of trust, support and kindness. The BLARE foundation was created to help you successfully maneuver the process. Our goal is to empower you to effectively advocate for your child by providing you with the tools you need!

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